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College AU [1/?]

The sun crawled through the curtains lightening the room to make way for another day. Killua grunted for the disturbance of his sleep but soon woke up more aware at the insistent knocking of his dorm room.

"Killua! It’s morning already!" Said Gon after the door opened in front of him. 

"What the hell are you doing here at 6 am?! I have class until 10 am if you didn’t know" Hissed Killua just barely awake and sleepiness evident in his hair. He tried to wash the sleep off his face with lazy hands while waiting for a reply. "…well?"

Enthusiastically Gon answered “Let’s go to the cafe nearby your building! Dawn is almost ending, so we better catch the sunrise.” With eagerness in his eyes, Gon flashed a smile to Killua to convince him further. You could never win against Gon’s stubbornness.

Defeated by the cheeriness of his friend, Killua complied sighing.


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